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Mini-Golf RPG (MGRPG)

After graduating, I started an indie studio. Working tirelessly through the pandemic, my small team was able to publish our game MGRPG to both the Google Play store and the App Store. The game takes the casual experience of a mini-golf mobile game and introduces RPG elements. Each shot the player takes, they are met with formidable enemies they must take down in order to progress. Click anywhere to find out more about this project!

Team Size: 3


For my Senior year Capstone, my team of 5 created Vacuum Vault. We made it through our school's cut process, so we continued our development with a larger team of 16 and renamed the game Eira: Echoes of Adventure. The game is a level based treasure hunter where the player uses a vacuum gun to terraform the world, rebuild broken structures, and engage with the environment in order to find their grandfather. We continued work over quarantine remotely, and even got it to a state to release on Steam! Click anywhere to find out more about this project!

Team Size: 16

Descent Of Champions

Descent of Champions is a PvE arena based brawler with combat based objectives with a networked website for audience interaction. It was made for the Ubisoft GameLab Competition over a 10 week period where my team put in over 2000 hours. We were nominated for 6 of the 9 total awards and won one of them! I wrote all the frontend/backend for the website, all code connecting it to Unity, some game systems and some gameplay. Click anywhere to find out more about this project!

Team Size: 8

Blind Fire

Blind Fire is a networked co-op tower defense and bullet hell top down shooter. The tower defense player is playing on an Android tablet while the other player is playing with polarized glasses on a PC with the polarizing filter stripped out. I was the sole programmer on this project during my sophomore year. Click anywhere to find out more about this project!

Team Size: 4


Hello! You have landed on the portfolio of Tyler Chapman, Game Programmer. My passion for gaming began with my GameCube, and playing games such as Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom - which I still play to this day.

Wanting to know how to create games, I took my first programming class during my junior year of high school and learned Java.

PDF Resume

I have just recently finished working on an indie project called MGRPG. I am now looking for a fulltime position. If you have any questions about my projects, you can message me on any of the social media profiles listed below or contact me directly using email.

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5.5 years of experience


Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about my projects, job opportunities and anything in between!
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